Due to its frequency, which appears in various Asian films and dramas, we know the cherry blossom weed. Cherry blossoms typically bloom in April as a Japanese national plant. Second, the specific flower must bloom, then leaf development follows. Cherry blossoms to light green are white, brown, pink, red, and yellow.

Apparently, in Indonesia you know, cherry blossom trees can be planted. You can visit Ancol, Cibodas, Batu City, and Sumba Island if you are looking for proof. There are some cherry trees in these places that farmers are deliberately keeping. Many cherry trees grow wild along the path, even on Samba Island.

Although it may not be as difficult to grow cherry blossoms as these plants can grow to the lowlands in the highlands, it is a good idea to grow them in a natural habitat. We suggest planting seedlings of cherry blossom in the highlands with average temperatures of about 20-26 degrees centigrade. Use a pot at least 40 cm in diameter if you want to plant it in a bowl.

Here’s a full guide:

  • Tools and Materials:
  • Cherry blossom seeds
  • 40 cm pot diameter
  • Fertile ground
  • Compost
  • Sand
  • Fungicide solution
  • Water
  • Shovel

Steps to grow cherry blossoms:

Prepare seeds in the shape of plant seeds for cherry blossom. From the plant shop, you can buy seeds to ensure the quality. You can purchase cherry plant seeds directly if you want an easier process of planting.

Soak the seeds from the cherry blossom that you got for 24 hours in a glass of clean water. This move is aimed at selecting good seeds and promoting the cycle of germination. Then soak the seeds of cherry blossom again for 5-10 minutes in a fungicide solution to avoid fungal attacks.

Prepare a pot with a diameter of at least 40 cm. To secure the planting media in place, drop a piece of tile or fabric into the pot at the very bottom so that it is not easily dripped.

Create a soil mixture, compost, and sand planting media with a ratio of 2:1:2. Until fully filled, the pre-formed crude media were placed in pots. To keep the texture lush, do not push the planting medium.

Make a hole with the index finger as deep as a part of the bone. So that later it will look beautiful, a single cherry blossom seed should be planted on each bowl. The cherry seeds are then inserted into the hole and then closed again without pressing it using planting tools.

The pot should be put in a humid position like around the bathroom at the time of the seeding process. Generally this process takes about a month. During the seeding time, plant care is to water them with enough water once a day.

After the seeds have reached the height of the cherry blossom, you should transfer them to the porch. Let the seeds get as much sunshine as possible in the morning. Watering happens periodically when the growing conditions of media have started to appear dry. Fertilization also needs to be done once a month so that plants can grow in your cherry blossom.